Welcome To RS Racing We are looking for new members of the team, email  at ; Co Owner of the Team is R&S_MoTo.  The tracks closest to me is the one that is closed is Interstate 79 Speedway,  and Those tracks are the closest to my home. I go to them weekly during the racing season. We give Special Thanks to Matt Sandberg (MDS_ST) for our skins. Thanks Matt. Also a Special Thanks To R&S_Ron as the Site Organizer.

                                             West Virginia Racing News


The Need For Speed

Louie Krushanksy Wins a race in Tampa at the East Bay Raceway. Regular local driver in West Virginia around Elkins and Roaring Knob.

The Need For Speed

Morgantown's Dave Groves, won at Daytona Beach, Florida's Volusia County Speedway.

Team Positions

Owner-R&S_Ron (16)

Co-Owner- R&S_Moto (13)

Member- R&S_Curt (24)

Member- R&S_Racer (7)

Member- R&S_Stoked (21)

Hurry Only 5 member positions left.


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Jobs of the Owner and Co-Owner.

Owner- Points manager-track organizer-site organizer-associating with other members-taking suggestions

Co-Owner- Points manager- track organizer- site suggestor- associating with other members- requesting suggestions.

Members- Be respectful, Make suggestions- Race Clean and slam the hell out of them after the race is over don't do it during, wait til the free time at the end.


Dirt Track Racing 2 Team We Have A Team For Late Models. Contact me from the site about the team, I also Have downloads as well.