Track---------Points Multiplier------------Event-------------------Number of Laps

41st                       (Regular Points)                         Regular Racing                                  20

Batesville               (Regular Points)                         NSDRA 20                                         25

Bloomington           (times 10 Points)                       Late Model 30                                    35

DirtWarrior Raceway (times 2 Points)                      Budweiser 40                                     55

Dtr2_Hagerstown       (Regular Points)                    Hagerstown 20                                   40

Dtr2 Volusia               (Regular Points)                    Tim Senic 20                                      50

Dtr2_SMR                  (Times 3 Points)                     Short Track 40                                  60

Fairbury                    (Regular Points)                      Fairbury Classic                                50

Gator Motoplex         (Regular Points)                      Gator Wonder                                   30

Harrison                    (Regular Points)           Harrison Motorsports Classic                       45

Huset's                      (Times 2 Points)                        Timberwolfe 80                               50

I-79                           (Regular Points)                           I-79 Special                                  45

Knoxville                   (Regular Points)                           Knoxville 150                                30

Lebanon (I-44)         (Regular Points)                           I-44 Spectacular                           25

Ohio Valley               (Times 3 Points)                         Ohio Valley 50                               50

Pomeroy Mountain Dirt  (Times 2 Points)                    Dirt Mountain 250                          65

Roaring Knob               (Regular Points)              Gary Dalton Appreciation                     40
Roaring Knob V2   (Times 2 Points)                      King Of The Knob 50                          50

Soldier's Memorial Raceway    (TImes 5 Points)        Armed Forces 80                            75
Spindale           (Regular Points)                               Spinners United                              28

TDR_Eldora        (Regular Points)                         Tony Stewart Special                         20

The IFRT Mile    (Times 3 Points)                                IFRT Special                                15

Tyler County Speedway    (Times 8 Points)          Tyler County 100                                75

Bristol Motor Speedway    (Times 2 Points)          Sharpie 500                                        50

Will Race Grove and Terre as soon as I get new disc.

Track Schedule

 If someone else is using your racing name please let me know.
Racing on Saturday Nights!!! Racing for points, and changing during the summer from Saturday to Sunday. Practice all through the week. This Schedule is for all divisions, 

Generation 3 Race First and then Late Models maybe mod's depending on what time it is.

 I-79 Speedway=Complete
 Hagerstown Speedway  
 Roaring Knob 
 Roaring Knob V2 
 Pomeroy Mountain Dirt
 41st Raceway
 TDR Eldora
 Dirt Warrior Raceway
 DTR2 Volusia
 Bristol Motor Speedway
 Gator MotorPlex
 Tyler County Speedway
 Ohio Valley
 IFRT Mile
 Soldier's Memorial Raceway 

Dirt Track Racing 2 Team We Have A Team For Late Models. Contact me from the site about the team, I also Have downloads as well.