What rules to people agree to by joining and what are the penalities for not abiding by the rules?  Areas to consider:

 If someone hits you, you get their spot and they try to pass you cleanly, They are to back off and let you have the spot

 no harsh language

  restarts on laps 1 and 2 only

 clean racing

 have fun  

 show respect

We only allow 10 people on the league

Why Penalties Will Be Made and Effect's of Breaking The Rule.

Harsh Language Being Used---------------- 20 Point Deduction and Maybe Expulsion From The Team

Not Racing Clean------------------------------- 10 Point Deduction

Not Showing Respect-------------------------- 30 Point Deduction and Maybe Expulsion From The Team

Hitting someone and not following the position rule------ expulsion from the next race.

Dirt Track Racing 2 Team We Have A Team For Late Models. Contact me from the site about the team, I also Have downloads as well.