Racing with VLR at Trego Flats

March 29, 2008

Open Race

Trego Flats Results

 It  was awesome racing with these guys,  Couldn't ask for a better group of racers.

1. White_Lighnin
2. KsT_18
3. Skid
4. VLR_Shock
5. JCR_Pat
6. VLR HaTe
7. R&S_racer
8. MRL_1
9. XRT_Pyrate
10. R&S_Ron
11. R&S_MoTo
12. KST_3W (did not show)
13. VLR_RAZZ (show up)

R&S Team Racing @ Bloomington

March 22, 2008

The First Heat Race

The first night of racing was awesome, held at Bloomington, with Moto finishing in first, Ron in second. No cautions in this heat.

The Second Heat of the Night

The second heat of the night was interesting, Moto finished in 1st and Ron in second.

The Feature Event

 Everything Started out okay, 11 laps in Their was a pile up in turn 3, Ron and Moto both being able to restart the race. Their was a late race caution, both cars able to restart, Moto spun the tires on the restart and Ron went on to win the race. The Points Championship only seperated by 2 points. 

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